Heaven Sent – 8 year old boy dead and lives to tell about it

This incredible story began November 13, 2010 just outside of Palmer.  The articles are from the local newspaper, the Mat-Su Frontiersman, authored by Heather Resz, editor.

ORIGINAL NEWS PIECE: Published November 13, 2010


PART 1:  Published April 24, 2011


PART 2:  Published April 26, 2011


EDITORIAL:  Published April 23, 2011


The following are taken from the Frontiersman’s Facebook page.

     Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman


Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

We got an update from the family of the boy injured in a snowmachine v. vehicle accident a couple of weeks ago. He’s awake and talking to his family! Hoorah! How’s that’s a holiday miracle?

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Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

Here’s the info a family member posted to the Frontiersman’s page:

Good morning to all! I have something to share with you this morning. Something that may be a little unsettling to some, but reassuring to others. Either …way, it is miraculous!

When they took the breathing tube out yesterday, the first thing Christian said is, “where is my mom, I want my mom!” Next he reached out for his grandma and said, “My grandma”! He answered a few questions for the doctor, and then rested for awhile. When he woke up the next time I was standing beside him and he reached out for me. As I leaned over, his eyes grew wide and he asked me, “am I home?” and I said “no, honey, you are in the hospital”. He said “no, am I at home on earth, or am I still in heaven?” I told him he was on earth with momma and that I loved him very much and was very happy to hear his voice. He drifted off for a moment, then grabbed me all of a sudden and with an agitated look said, “why did you take me away from Jesus?” He began to describe images from the scene of the accident, after he died. He described what he saw us all doing and some of the things that were said. I was completely speechless at first! But I began to explain to him that I believe that God has special plans for him still ahead and that’s why He let him come back to us. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “I didn’t want to come back, I wanted to stay with Jesus”!

Throughout the rest of the day and through the night, he woke up many times. At times he was very groggy with all the medications he is on. But at other times he vividly describes how he’s “coming downstairs”. When I asked him what was upstairs, he said “God”. Once he woke up yelling “I’m dead, I’m dead”! I told him he was alive and I was right there with him. Then he yelled “pull me out, please, pull me out”! And he again started describe what he saw when the paramedics were trying to revive him.

His thoughts and feelings right now are still kind of scrambled, coming out in bits and pieces. And he is still on a lot of medications, so his speech is somewhat slurred at times. But there is no doubt at all in my heart, my baby was in Jesus’ arms, and Jesus gave him back to us! I don’t pretend to know why or what God’s plans are for him, I just know that God has given me a miracle, one that I will spend the rest of my life thanking and praising him for!!!

May each and everyone of you be blessed with feeling God’s presence smiling on you today, and forever! Amen!

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Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman

Seems to be some disagreement regarding what equals dead. So we asked local emergency responders about whether we’d overstated whether or Christian Aldrich was “dead.” They said Christian was in full cardio-pulmonary arrest for more than 30 minutes, which in laymen’s terms equals dead.

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