United Way Positive Stats for Mat-Su

Cherie LeBlanc-Shue, Mat-Su United Way’s Resource Development Director, recently reported to the Valley Pastors Prayer Network that things are “looking up” in the Mat-Su Valley on several fronts.

Currently, the high-school drop out rate is at 5%.  While that is still too many, it compares very favorably to a rate of 38% in Anchorage and 48% nationwide.  In part, the favorable statistics are a result of alternative ways a student can receive his diploma – and the fact that he can return to school after a time out and complete his education.  Our measuring period goes from pre-school through age 20 – the age accepted in our school district.  We have the alternative high schools, home schools, and the Job Corp as alternatives to traditional education.  Other communities have not been as quick to adapt and provide the alternatives as the Mat-Su school district has.

After a very concerted, combined effort by many agencies and the schools in the valley, a recent survey on teen-age drug useage shows that drug use is way down amongst the high school teens.  Unfortunately, the most prevalent substance abuse amongst Mat-Su teens is alcohol.  And the biggest reported source of the alcohol is parents.

It pays to “Live United”!   Check out their link under “Resources / Relief”.


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