How We Operate

The Valley Pastors Prayer Network is incorporated in the State of Alaska as a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation.  The VPPN is a partnership of churches, para-church organizations, and the ministry leaders of such in the Mat-Su Valley who are willing to signify their desire for relational partnership by signing a declaration of like faith and purpose.   This partnership is led by a Board of Directors appointed from among the VPPN member networks and ministries.

The board consists of a minimum of three and a preferable maximum of five ministry leaders who have exhibited a strong gifting in one of each of the areas of the five major gifts stated in Ephesians 4. They should be individuals that exhibit the continuing work of the Spirit in their lives shown by ever-increasing godliness consistent with Biblical principles of leadership.  All members of the Board of Directors should have a proven commitment to unity, faith for transformation, and a strong desire to serve in this position.  Members of the Board serve a three year term on a set rotation pattern with the option to continue a second term.  An individual may be considered for another rotation after one year’s rest from service.

Full power to do all the things necessary to carry out the VPPN’s objectives and purposes, within the resources available, is given to the Board of Directors; to make commitments, financial and otherwise, on behalf of the VPPN.

For a downloadable copy, click here:  Constitution and bylaws

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