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  1. Care Tuk says:

    I have published a book “Loose Screws and Skinned Knees: Turning Life’s Obstacles and Adversity into Opportunity and Adventure. It is meant to be not only an outreach for testimony of God’s faithfulness over 40 years of fighting 11 separate battles with cancer, being hit by a drunk driver and a spontateous brain bleed that left me having to learn to walk, talk, etc all over again. I have and am available to speak at schools, churches, retreats, conferences and local events. The self-published book was given much assistance by some of Luis Palau’s ministry crew. (evangelist). I also speak to issues on infertility, raising special needs kids (we raised a son from abuse/neglect situation who has mild cerebral palsy and is higher on the autistic spectrum; our daughter was from a teen pregnancy, who had a heart defect – all have had the hand of God over them and restore their health to high functioning abilities as adults. My husband and I also speak on what warfare and adversity play in the family, and especially on marriages (we have been married over 36 years). People can go to the website to connect with me. To purchase the book locally, it is at Beauty for Ashes, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center gift shop, Frieside Books (Palmer) and Twice Told Tales and Cubbies in Talkeetna. We will make any effort for local people to save shipping costs so if live in the Mat-Su do NOT order via the website, unless you want to pay postage!!

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