Love After Marriage

What is a Love After Marriage Workshop?

The Eighteen Week Workshop, Phase I

Love After Marriage was originally created as an eighteen week, 36 hour program. Throughout the workshop we model and emphasize truthfulness, vulnerability and intimacy in every area of our marriage. As a workshop, Love After Marriage, (LAM) provides a comprehensive experience including:

  • Teaching emphasizing spiritual, emotional and sexual oneness
  • Intimate discussion between couples
  • Valuable interaction within a “chosen” small group
  • Opportunities to learn and practice tools that not only bring breakthrough but also a lifestyle change
  • Sprit directed prayer and prophetic ministry within the small groups and between couples that facilitates advancement growth for many
  • Couples who volunteer for “Couples Coaching” in front of the class choose to allow the leaders and Holy Spirit to coach them in some of their most personal needs and greatest strongholds. We have observed that many of the couples in the room will benefit and often receive the same breakthroughs as the couple volunteering.
  • Homework activities and devotionals establish healthy and intimate relational habits within the home

These workshops take place twice each year at Northgate. Check their website, for dates and times.  Many who have embraced this process have discovered greater levels of intimacy, passion, purpose and oneness.  Couples who have come as a “last straw” have found real healing for their marriage.

To see an informational video with testimonies of some who’ve completed the program, visit:


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